Legal marketing is still very young at heart, because up until the 1970s, it was more or less illegal to advertise or market to potential customers. The well-known Bates & O'Sheen (1976) case created precedent for other legal services firms to advertise openly, rather than solely depend on networking and interpersonal relationships.

Since then things have changed a fair bit, but the fundamental problems faced by the firms remain the same, certainly in the B2B space: a lot of expertise and a desire to show this to a select list of key clients and target accounts in a way which is engaging, and resonates with the intended audience. 

Thankfully, in 2018 there is now a widespread acceptance that lawyers and business development professionals need to be doing more in terms of experience and , but the deeply ingrained reticence still exists. The normal problems / barriers we hear are:

  • Time pressures
  • Lack of concrete proof of ROI
  • No actionable methodology, repeatable and trustworthy process to enact a content strategy and scale across an organisation
  • Not fun and not engaging for the attorneys themselves

The above problems are what we commonly find among the leading legal firms we work with. If you want to find out how we solve them, please pop along to Connor Kinnear's talk "How to Win New Business With an Expert-Centric Approach to Legal Marketing" where we will go into the above and more.